Bay Presbyterian Church - Bonita Springs Florida

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

April 4, 2020


QUESTION: Is Bay Presbyterian Church (BPC) having church services?

ANSWER: Yes, but the building is closed due to COVID-19. You can view and worship with us using Livestream and/or YouTube. Consult our church website for instructions and links on how to do this.


QUESTION: What are the Sunday morning worship service times?

ANSWER: Until further notice we will be broadcasting our worship service beginning at 9:20 AM Sunday mornings. There will be only one service each Sunday.


QUESTION: How will the Sunday morning worship services be different than before?

ANSWER: We will have an abbreviated service that will include:



                        Limited music of worship and praise

                        Call to Worship

                        Pastoral Prayer




QUESTION: I/we are having difficulty with Livestream and/or YouTube. Who can help?

ANSWER: Contact the church office by phone, text or email. We will have someone contact you to assist you with your problem. If you are experiencing pauses in the program, where the screen freezes for a short period of time, your Internet data rate is probably too slow to keep up with the program in real time. If you wait until the service is finished and then watch the recorded version (same link on the website), your device can preload the video signal and eliminate the pauses.


QUESTION: Will other church activities (Bible Studies, Meetings and Social Activities) continue?

ANSWER: Yes, but not at the church building. BPC will be using electronic meeting software (Zoom) to conduct these meetings virtually. Consult our church website for instructions and links on how to do this.


QUESTION: Will the church offices be open during the week?

ANSWER:  Yes, as of April 23, 2020 the office will be open during normal business hours (Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM).


QUESTION: What if I/we have a specific need? (groceries, doctor’s prescriptions/pharmacy, transportation to appointments and etc.).

ANSWER: Contact the church office at (239) 498-9055 or our BPC Care Committee

                        Jim & Nancy Diller

                        (239) 592-1113


                        Jane Kelly

                        (239) 319-5051



QUESTION: How can I/we provide our Tithe/Offering to BPC?

ANSWER: Several options are available.

By mail addressed to:

      Bay Presbyterian Church

      26911 South Bay Drive

      Bonita Springs, FL 34135

By Credit Card

Consult the “Donate” page on of our church website for instructions and links on how to do this.